The Rite Journey

The Rite Journey incorporates the subjects of Christian Studies, Personal Development, Health and Physical Education and is aligned with the NSW Education Standards PDHPE Syllabus. It is a unique educational program designed to support the development of self-aware, vital, responsible and resilient young adults. 

The course is divided into stages and each stage during the year includes a ceremony or celebration that leads the students to acknowledge their personal journey towards adulthood. These events are carefully crafted experiences that are individualised to best suit the particular needs, resources and geography of our College. Throughout the year, students seek to complete a variety of personal and group challenges. Some of these will be on the Rite Journey Residential Camp.  

Students will be asked, with parents' advice, to seek a mentor for the year and work on a project that can be presented at the end of the year.  


TERM ONE: Who am I really? Students explore who they are and how they can be the best version of themselves. This includes their story, their family, great men and women, body image, gender stereotypes, boys to men and girls to women.  

TERM TWO: How do I get along with others? This term we focus on how we interact with each other in a physical, social and emotional way and what factors enhance inclusivity, equality and respect in relationships. This includes listening, feelings, power in relationships, honesty, apologizing and forgiveness and relationships. 

TERM THREE: Is there something more? Students look to explore mental wellbeing and are encouraged to think about the world outside of their immediate experience. What CAN they do? What impacts do they have? What limits are they placing on themselves? This includes spirituality, dealing with hardship, empathy and understanding and mindfulness.  

TERM FOUR: What is my purpose? This term students are encouraged to consider and reflect on their role in the world. What do they want to do? Who do they want to be? How can they be encouraged to think about the ‘bigger picture’? This will include issues such as risk taking, what is failure?, what do I have to give? Gratitude, responding to negativity, seeking your purpose and what motivates you? 

MENTORING As part of The Rite Journey, students are encouraged to engage an adult mentor during the year.  

CHRISTIAN STUDIES Throughout the course students will be encouraged to:  

  • Analyse Christian beliefs and about the responsibilities of living in relationship with God, self and others  
  • Reflect on the concept of Christian vocation and its significance for self and others 
  • Explore and reflect on the nature of God – Father, Son and Holy Spirit – as creator and sustainer of each individual and all things  
  • Apply Christian beliefs about the intrinsic value of human life within varying contexts. 


Content and outcomes from the NESA PDHPE Syllabus have been interwoven into the The Rite Journey. Content strands from the PDHPE Curriculum include:  

  • Health, wellbeing and relationships 
  • Healthy, Safe and Active Lifestyles
  • Movement Skill and Performance