Care Group

At St Paul’s good relationships are valued and central to building a positive learning environment for all. We are committed to building respectful, positive and productive relationships with others. Further, we are focused on teaching skills that will enhance relationships that will prepare St Paul's College students to make a valuable contribution to society, both now, and into the future.  

Our pastoral care program, through Care Groups, supports students through wellbeing programs & activities, care policies, and pastoral procedures. Students need and deserve an educational environment in which they feel safe, supported, and appropriately challenged if they are able to achieve and to grow to their potential. 

Care Group teachers work collaboratively to provide a supportive network of care for all students. Vertical (Years 7-12) Care Groups, based on a House structure, operate within the College. Siblings are placed into the same Care Group and students have the same Care Group teachers each year, enabling real and supportive relationships to develop between staff and families.  

Our Care Group structure provides an effective and efficient pastoral care network for all students at the College.