Our curriculum at St Paul’s is unique, diverse, and engaging. Our students have the opportunity to experience programs and activities that may not otherwise be offered at other schools. The day to day life at the College is very busy, utilising not only our onsite learning resources, but also many resources at venues in other locations. 

Our College Teaching & Learning policy is very explicit in its intent to promote an engaging and rich curriculum for our students:

“St Paul’s College aims to empower our students for a life of worth; equipping them with skills and knowledge that will enable them to make a positive and meaningful contribution to society - skills such as enterprise skills, financial literacy, and communication. The College has therefore adopted the flipped learning concept, model and practice so as to ensure optimum learning outcomes. That is, moving from passive (content driven) to active (process driven) engagement in the learning environment".

At the heart of our approach to curriculum is our communication with students and parents. It is really important that, together, we monitor and support the progress of each student; that every student feels positive about school; and, that every student experiences success and achievement.

Student achievement considers evidence of growth – personal, academic, social and spiritual – aimed at producing competent, confident and contributing citizens for tomorrow.

In collaboration with parents, St Paul’s is committed to ensuring that our students also have the opportunity to experience learning in a global context. To that end, St Paul’s offers unique, voluntary, international experiences:

  1. for Years 10/11 History students – a three week history study tour to Germany.
  2. for students in Years 10/11/12 – a three week service learning project in a rural setting in Cambodia.

 In essence, it is our prayer and goal that every student to be academic: “a student is academic if they have a clear focus, commitment, and dedication to learning in the pursuit of higher achievement”.