Year 7's Launching into LaunchEd Program

Our new Year 7 class has hit the ground running launching themselves in our innovative LaunchEd program.  LaunchEd is a cross curricular subject that involves English, History and Geography.  Integration of these subjects only takes place where there are relevant and obvious connections across these learning areas.  It is how we choose to implement the curriculum that gives LaunchEd the unique opportunity to develop independent learners that gives them a flexible place to learn.

LaunchEd has a strong emphasis on 21st century skills such as independence, collaboration, peers and self-reflection and technology.  Students work with every student and this enriches their social skills and confidence in presentation skills / public speaking.  This program is also beneficial to our teachers, as it is team taught, allowing our staff to work together and learn from each other.

Our Year 7 students are enjoying LaunchEd, and are navigating their way around using their devices and the various learning platforms.