Application for Enrolment

Registration of a potential enrolment involves completing the Application for Enrolment form and forwarding it to the Principal’s Secretary. All applications for enrolment are to include a copy of a recent school report, a character reference and payment of the non-refundable registration fee. (This is $50 for families who are new to St Paul’s and not coming from a Lutheran Primary School). The Principal’s Secretary will contact you once your Application for Enrolment has been registered to arrange an interview time.

Interstate Enrolments

In addition to the Application for Enrolment form, parents and caregivers of interstate students are required to complete the Interstate Student Data Transfer Note – Form 1 (ISDTN - FORM 1). If the student is aged 16 or over 16 years, then the Interstate Student Data Transfer Note – Form 2 (ISDTN - FORM 2) needs to be completed by the student as well as Form 1.

Forms for Newly Enrolled Students

Other forms to be completed for newly enrolled students before they commence school are the Computer & Internet Acceptable Use Policy and  Medical form for Day Students or Medical form for Boarding Students
  • Application Form

    Application form for enrolment to St Paul's College

  • ISDTN – Form 1

    Interstate Student Data Transfer Note – Form 1

  • ISDTN – Form 2

    Interstate Student Data Transfer Note – Form 2

  • Acceptable Use Policy

    Before students use the College Computing Network this form must be completed and signed.

  • Boarder Medical Form

    Medical Form for Boarders

  • Day Medical Form

    Medial Form for Day Students