The Junior School Curriculum

The Junior School is concerned with the spiritual, social, academic and personal growth of students in a safe, supportive, challenging and authentically Christian environment. This is just the very beginning of their learning process at secondary school that allows them the freedom to manage their own learning yet have a guiding hand along the way. High School is a long, six year trek and they are guided along this process by all curriculum areas. All curriculum areas have similar guided learning programs that best help the student learn in their subject area.

 These are the features we have developed at the College:

  • Students in Year 7 and 8 have a space in the College just for them.
  • A team of teachers trained specifically for the Junior School are responsible for the academic, spiritual and social well-being of their class.
  • The curriculum and learning experiences have been designed to meet the diverse needs and learning styles of the students.
  • When possible, students are taught in a way which builds connections between subjects and provides a holistic and rich understanding of the world and our place in it.
  • A collaborative environment is encouraged which fosters flexibility, choice and self-refection.
  • There is continued implementation of ICT in our classroom practice.
  • Year 9 students are seen as the leaders of Junior School and take responsibility for organising activities, touring prospective students and being executive members of the Student Representative Council.
  • Assessment is authentic, and takes a broad variety of forms to measure students’ mastery of outcomes in a way which is relevant. All students are encouraged to achieve their best potential. Class time is allocated on assessments to explicitly teach the required skills and give a guiding hand along the way.
  • Student Activities – two lessons per fortnight are allocated for students to complete interest-based activities. These include sport, independent projects, horticulture, dance, music, drama, agriculture and equine. This allows the students to collaborate with students with similar interests.

 In Year 9, the students have the option to choose two electives to get a taste of what they may like to study in the Senior School. These include:

  • Drama, Music, Visual Arts, Photography and Digital Media
  • Agriculture
  • Industrial Technology (Metal and Timber)
  • Food Technology
  • PASS
  • Equine Studies


Miss Jessica Hannon

Director of Junior School


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