Equine Studies

Equine Studies has been offered as an area of specialisation at St Paul’s over the past thirty years. Its focus is on equestrian pleasure sports rather than the racing or breeding industries. Many students select Equine Studies as a way of following their interests and developing a range of equestrian skills.

The Equine centre is located alongside the main campus and it includes stables, yards and paddocks, tack rooms, dressage and jumping arenas, a round yard, a cross country training area and a horse truck for taking students to training days and competitions. Boarding students (and day students with special permission) agist their horses at school. College horses complete with saddlery are available for students who do not have their own horse.
Equine Studies involves
• Years 7 and 8 Sport (weekly group riding lessons focusing on skill development).
• Years 9 and 10 Equine Studies (weekly group riding lessons focusing on skill development within dressage, show jumping, eventing, show hacking, gymkhana events and lunging; Theoretical instruction based around equitation, horse knowledge, conformation/diseases and conditions, nutrition, horse care and safety, saddlery/equipment and facilities, equestrian sports and breeding).
• Years 11 & 12 Equine Studies (an extension of theoretical knowledge and further skill development from previous years; aspects from the Equestrian Federation of Australia’s NSW EquiSkills program).
Supervised riding is available each weekday after school and visiting instructors can be arranged to provide additional tuition. Opportunities also exist on weekends for boarding students to compete in equestrian activities including Pony Club rallies and competitions.

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