Creative Arts

By studying Creative Arts subjects such as Dance, Drama, Music and Visual Arts provides students not only with strong discipline based knowledge but with the fundamental skills, creative expertise and learning mindset recognised as essential capabilities for the 21st century. Our Creative Arts students are learning the enterprise skills that are necessary for any type of employment in today’s changing society. Studying Visual Arts does not mean you are becoming an artist, Music does not narrow down to a career as a musician, nor does drama mean you are training to be an actor. Creative Arts students experience and develop the complex skills required to create and test ideas, generate creative works with confidence, shape inquiry and to critically evaluate and reflect on what they do. Developing an independent, forward thinking, learning mindset is considered critical to the future world of work. The Foundation for Young Australians recent report The New Basics, analyses data to demonstrate that the 'New Work Order' is here. Students today are faced with a differentiated set of capabilities, skills and actions that they will need in order for them to participate in the work force such as Digital Literacy, Critical Thinking, Creativity and Problem Solving.

In Year 9/10 Drama in 2017, students’ work derives from their experiences and concerns about this world. In response they have developed many of their own performances surrounding many issues such as bullying, injustice and other big picture issues. Similarly, the Preliminary students have been refining their performance skills in preparation for a group performance. Our class of 4, though small, is rich with personalities contributing to a colourful array of perspectives and ideas in every lesson.  In other classes, this may pose an issue, however, the collaborative nature of drama ensures we have a harmonious dynamic that promotes creativity when devising performances.

In Visual Arts, students are about to embark on a collaborative task which involves creating site specific sculptures around the College. Within this task, students learn creativity, relationships with others and how different people view the world. Students learn about upholding a commitment, time management and working under pressure. In Preliminary Art, students have been studying Dada and Surrealism where higher order thinking skills have been used to analyse the work and practice of these artists. The skills learned in Visual Arts compliment many other subject areas across the curriculum and hold great currency in the future workplace.

In Music, students are learning skills in listening, composing and performing. Within these areas, students learn it's okay to take risks and leave our comfort zones. This enables them to develop discipline, confidence, independence and motivation. Planning and goal setting is most evident in our senior music classes.


Creative Arts – Music, Art, Dance, Drama – discovering self and others.

Dare to dream.


Miss Jessica Hannon, Head of Creative Arts.
Mrs Cath Gilmour, Visual Arts Teacher
My Toby Lewis, Music Teacher