ICT Facilities

Technology at St Paul's is integrated into every classroom. Most of our classrooms have either interactive projection systems or standard data projectors. Wireless is available campus-wide and extends into much of our equine and agricultural facilities. Our Girls' and Boys' boarding houses are also well connected.

We have three computer labs available for students with smaller hubs around the campus. Netbooks are also used in some of our classrooms.

Students are able to bring their own device and use them in the classroom for learning.  Many of our subjects are available online through our Learning Management System so subject materials are available to students and assignments can be submitted remotely. 

We have protections in place to keep our student safe on the internet from inappropriate content as well as from others in the way of bullying. We allow our boarders access to social media out of study times while at the same time ensuring that it is used responsibly. Key staff are instantly notified of any inappropriate internet use.

  • Interactive

    Most classrooms are equipped with interactive projection systems or standard data projectors

  • Online Courses

    Many of the subjects students take at St Paul's are available onine. Course resources and activities are provided to students 24/7 on our learning site.

  • Wireless

    Wireless Internet is provided to all students campus-wide. This allows students to use their own devices to access College and internet resources anywhere on campus.