Agricultural Centre

An 85 hectare farm surrounds the College campus, on which we have a white suffolk stud of 100 breeding ewes, a small beef cattle herd, irrigated lucerne, winter cropping and pasture production.

The farm is divided into 15 paddocks, excluding horse areas. A laneway system is incorporated into Farm 2 to assist with livestock movement.

Covered cattle yards and steer preparation area provide a suitable area to prepare steers for exhibitions at shows like Melbourne and Albury. It is an ideal working environment for any cattle work. 

  • Wool Shed

    The College has a two-stand woolshed for shearing and crutching. Attached is a wool-classing room where students undertake woolclassing training.

  • Community Garden

    Raised vegetable gardens are used by the community gardeners. A plastic (green) house and a shade house are available for horticultural purposes. The trial site is used for various agricultural experiments.

  • Undercover Area


  • White Suffolk

    White Suffolk breeding ewes graze on one of the College's 15 farm paddocks.

  • Sheep Yards

    There are two sets of sheep yards; The yards at Farm 2 are a modern U-bugle shaped design, incorporating both a working race and a loading ramp.

  • Farm Forestry

    In 2003, a 2 hectare site was planted to native hardwood trees aimed at saw log production. There are now significant plantings and windbreaks for livestock protection and farm aesthetics.