The Goals of Boarding

Our boarding house staff members recognise that they have a special responsibility for the holistic development of our boarding students. Although boarding life can never replace family life, our house parents do become second parents for our boarders.

Students within the boarding community are encouraged to develop in the Academic, Spiritual, Social-Emotional and Physical areas as follows:

Academic Goals
Students are encouraged to …
• Reach their academic potential
• Become lifelong learners who work productively as individuals and as members of teams
• Take responsibility for their learning

Spiritual Goals
Students are encouraged to …
• Develop their own faith
• Reflect and meditate on spiritual truths
• Develop an informed conscience and sense of purpose
• Explore ethical issues and adopt worthy values
• Celebrate and maintain the spiritual heritage of St Paul’s and the boarding houses

Social and Emotional Goals
Students are encouraged to …
• Grow in character within a community that promotes faith, hope, compassion and service to others
• Respect personal differences in others irrespective of their sex, age, ability, appearance, culture or socio-economic situations
• Know, desire and do good

Physical Goals
Students are encouraged to …
• Understand the links between the physical, social, emotional, academic and spiritual elements of their life so as to obtain an appropriate balance in their lives
• Exercise and work appropriately
• Recreate, eat and rest in a responsible manner

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