Welfare of Boarding Students

St Paul’s recognises that it has a special responsibility to its boarding students. This responsibility encompasses the spiritual as well as the physical, academic and social-emotional domains.

All boarding house staff members are qualified with Senior First Aid Certificates and they monitor the health and well-being of boarders, liaising twice daily with the College nurses. Students also have access to the Boarding House Chaplain who organises leadership, resilience and personal development programs among our boarders. Our Boarding House Chaplain is also available to provide students with support and moral advice from a Christian worldview.

All boarding students attend an evening devotion during the week; grace is said before all meals and return thanks extended afterwards. At weekends, full boarders attend either a local church service or an in-house devotion. Students are enrolled at St Paul’s on the understanding that they are willing to experience its Christian ethos.

There are numerous activities in which boarding students can be involved outside of the regular school day. We encourage all boarders to be involved in sporting activities at St. Paul’s and in the community. Full boarding students may participate in local sporting competitions (Netball and Football in the winter months with Cricket and Tennis in the summer months). Weekly boarders are welcome to train with local teams. The Boarding House Chaplain also organises after school activities for students during the week. On the weekend, organised leisure activities are provided for full boarders including youth group activities, game’s nights and video nights as well as shopping trips. As a general rule, one outing is scheduled each weekend.

Boarder meals are outsourced to professional caterers who ensure that boarding students have a balanced diet that is low fat and healthy. Our boarding students have greater variety in their diet than most children would normally experience at home.

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